Energetic Business Building for Soul-full Entrepreneurs.

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‘Tis a wonderful thing – that moment when you decide to say to hell with all the naysayers and hell yes to your dream!

That moment when you decide to have faith in the Universe and your purpose even though you have no idea whatsoever of how it is going to happen.

That moment when you say YES to the business idea that’s been brewing inside of you and you have the inner knowing that it’s time.


Which in the twinkling of an eye can transform into heart-stopping fear.

For regardless if this is your first ever business, or your second, or if you’ve been in business for years, the moment that you align with your soul purpose and build your business from a place of heart, the academic rules no longer apply for you.

That’s because so many of the rules and systems out there has been put together by businessmen who asked the question “How do I make more money?” whereas you are asking “How can I be of even greater service?”

This doesn’t mean that you have any desire to be poor.

Oh hell no Sister – living expansively costs money!

But it does mean that you take shit personally and every time a man tells you to stop being so emotional about business you want to take that beautifully manicured middle finger and shove it in their face.

It does mean that your business fucking matters – her success matters to you, her growth matters to you, her thrive matters to you.

Sally Chalmers

Anèl was able to help me on two levels – personal and business. My life was stagnant, my job boring. I had lost myself, my identity, I used to paint and draw, creatively I was dead. I had an idea for a new business venture which encompassed my passion for crafty, art activities and Gardening with kids. She guided me through the steps necessary for me to achieve this. The end result is a more confident, assertive person running my own business that is growing daily.

Sally Chalmers - Entrepreneur

Soul-full entrepreneurs create in harmony with the laws of nature.

They create their best work when they connect to their Higher Self and receive guidance and that means that you need to first clear the channel of communication so that you can hear, see, speak and act from a space of clarity. Then continue this same energy in your business.

Which is why I was excited when I first came across the ancient system of chakras.

Easiest definition, is the chakras are the energy pods within your body. When the energy flows freely, you are in tip top shape.

When the energy centres get blocked, you get sick.

It makes perfect sense that this system can be applied to business, and there are many courses out there that does just that.

If the energy systems in your business flows, it grows and thrives. When the systems get blocked or stagnant, business plummets.

Still, there was something missing for me.

I kept seeing entrepreneurs working with the chakra system and still coming out exhausted, miserable and frustrated.

It would appear that even though they were applying all the theories and sometimes the businesses were doing well, they themselves were not.

And when a purpose driven entrepreneur loses their passion, the soul of the business shrivels up and dies.


And puzzling.

Why is it that the system seemed to be draining the life out of people?

Which was when it hit me.

The current system being taught is linear!

Furthermore, it separates business from person and I’ve been working with purpose-aligned business owners long enough to know that you are your business.

If we separate the two we find that one becomes a parasite that feeds off the other.

True flow is a harmonious dance spiralling around the love that binds entrepreneur and business.

Which exactly what FLOW offers you.

Yes we work with the chakra model.

But unlike other courses, FLOW connects the downward manifestation within the self to build the upward manifestation of the business and then we connect the two energies for a loop of growth and sustainability.

FLOW is perfect for the purpose-driven entrepreneur who has a business idea that they’re ready to bring to fruition; or those who already have a business but feel frustrated by a lack of ease, joy and inspiration.

It’s for the soulful woman who understands that everything is connected and who is ready to do it the way that the Mother intended.

It’s for the rebel who desires to connect with her wisdom, connecting to her higher self through yoga, meditation and a little bit of magick and then taking inspired action.

FLOW is for those who are in it for the long run. Those who are not just wanting the answers but who seek their personal path and truth.

Plus you have to have a good dose of courage because this type of work means that we cover the deep stuff others don’t.

FLOW is where we reconnect with the natural unfolding of creation through inspiration, clarity and wisdom resulting in aligned action.

No more hap-hazard jumping around from one thing to the next and all the crazy making of thinking we’re doing it wrong.

This is what you can expect:

  • Personal Crown Chakra : Creating Fertile Ground
  • Personal Third Eye Chakra : Vision
  • Personal Throat Chakra : Giving voice to your vision
  • Personal Heart Chakra : Empowering relationship
  • Personal Solar Plexus Chakra : Igniting your personal power
  • Personal Sacral Chakra : Activating your passion and birthing your dream
  • Base Chakra : Grounding your dream
  • Business Base Chakra : Identity and branding of the business
  • Business Sacral Chakra : Vision of the bigger picture
  • Business Solar Plexus Chakra : Defining value and financial systems
  • Business Heart Chakra : Building relationships
  • Business Throat Chakra : Communication and marketing
  • Business Third Eye Chakra : Owning your fears and your truth
  • Business Crown Chakra : Systems
  • Connecting and completing the loop.

Imagine building and growing a business from the inside out that not only provides you with the lifestyle you truly desire but that continuously feeds your soul!

Imagine building and growing a business that feels natural, following your rhythm, thereby getting rid of the constant strain and force which seems to be prevalent in today’s society.

Imagine building and growing a business that enhances you as a person rather than taking away from you!

And the magic in this system is the fact that each time the loop is completed you get to go to the next level by doing the deep inner work first thereby ensuring that you are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for your next level in your business!

Never again will your business turn into a monster that devours you!

FLOW is not for anyone who just wants to make money as quickly as possible.

It’s not for those who only want to work on the business and not on themselves.

It’s not for those who don’t want to take action because in my world you know there’s always a shit ton of action – I’m not an IronMan athlete for nothing.

It’s not for those who have no desire to get uncomfortable because in my experience our soul purpose work is always uncomfortable. Why do you think so few people are doing it?

And it’s definitely not for those who just want more boxes to tick!

What you put in will be what you get out Darling.

Which means if you want to create an epic fucking business, you better be prepared to work deep and work consistently because that’s the only way to get iconic results.

Oh, and have I mentioned that we will be using Yoga to activate and balance your chakras?

Hell yeah!

Every chakra will have a yoga flow which you can do in isolation or as part of your regular training program.

Traci Gilmour


It was challenging and emotional as I became aware of the excuses I had been telling myself. I was challenged to really think deeply about myself, my goals and who I was in order to gain the clarity I needed to take my business forward. Also to take my personal life forward. I realised that I hadn’t been living authentically, I was talking the talk but not walking the walk as they say. I will be back for more coaching when I can!

Traci Gilmour - Coach

Here’s what I know for sure:

YOU are here for a reason.

YOU have an important life purpose and the moment that you say YES to that purpose, the Universe aligns the stars and gives you everything that you require to succeed.

Sometimes the resource is a bank loan.

Sometimes the resource is clients.

Sometimes the resource is a coach who’s done a shit ton of work to figure out a different way of presenting ancient wisdom in a way that speaks to you.

FLOW is my next level work whereby I’ve taken my understanding of the human psyche and mindset work, combined with the unleashing of inherent power in the body through movement, and linking it with the Universal laws of creation, intuition and spiritual wisdom.

I’ve done it the hard way.

I’ve done the two hour sleep nights.

I’ve done the panic attacks on the floor where I prayed for a quick death.

I’ve done the sobbing in pure defeat and frustration because I couldn’t understand how an intelligent woman such as myself with an honors degree just couldn’t make the fucking system work.

I’ve experienced the hollowness of a flourishing bank account with zero joy in the work I produced.

It was tough and in all honesty, if it wasn’t for my pure stubbornness and refusal to give the haters a moment of know it all headshakes, I would have closed the doors and gone to work at McDonalds.

This is why I’m so excited to be bringing this work to you.

Because for the first time in my life I’ve given myself permission to just be myself and know that I’m enough. To just do the work that I came here to do and to receive the support of my Guides. To be healthy. To be happy. To live a successful life on my own terms.

To thrive!

I want that for you!

I believe you truly deserve it.

I want you to understand that building your soul business is way easier than you think it is! It’s as natural as having a baby or planting a tree.

There’s nothing more natural than creating life.

And your business is life!

Let’s do life.

Your Instructor

Anel Bester
Anel Bester

Anèl Bester works with those who have already achieved amazing levels of success to go even higher. She brings together decades in the field of human behaviour and psychology with high performance endurance strategies and techniques to develop resilient, innovative and resourceful life-leaders who achieve real results in all areas simultaneously.

Anèl understands the pain, tribulations and exaltations of being a driven achiever. Just like you, she lives with the secret struggle of imposter syndrome, the guilt of having things happen easier than for most, not to mention feeling torn between pleasing others, and saying ‘to hell with it’, giving herself permission every day to live life at full throttle.

It is her unique blend as practical performer and spiritual badass manifestor combined with years of study in human behaviour and intense personal development that she brings to her clients to inspire them in achieving greater levels of success without the burn-out and rules that so often keep people stuck on the hamster wheel of insanity.

Anèl attributes her deep love for humanity as the driving force to her uninhibited passion, often daring to say that which few dare admit to thinking, causing moments of pause and reflection so that others may live a life of conscious choice.

Anèl aligns her clients with their vision, reconnecting them to their core values and culture of excellence supporting them in goal attainment.

Anel’s education includes an Honours Degree Psychology, certification as an Inner Life Skills Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and she is a qualified Pranic Psychotherapist.

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